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  • And we're back...

    And we're back...
    We’re back and will operating under Covid Alert Level 3 Restrictions from this Wednesday, the first day of spring! 
    Bakeries have not been classified alongside butchers, fishmongers, green grocers and dairies, so you may not enter our premises. All goods will be takeaway only and ordering and payment must be contactless.  We encourage you to jump online and utilise our click and collect service to guarantee your order. 
    Quick recap, ordering is available the day before collection until 7pm. Please collect after 9am the following day - quote your order number and your goods will be placed on the table for collection. 
    Given the constraints we are operating under, we have simplified our offering and unfortunately will not be able to produce our usual volume. To help us smooth demand and ensure you get your weekly fix, please order earlier in the week. We will not be offering our usual coffee service as we maintain appropriate distancing. 
    Please follow all Covid safety protocols including:
    If unwell please stay at home,
    Wear a mask,
    Please scan-in when collecting your goods, this will become mandatory,
    Maintain 2 metre distancing from each other.
      The website will be updated and live for ordering first thing tomorrow. 
      Please be patient and be good one another!
      Baker Gramercy 
    • Blue Door

      Blue Door

      We now have coffee and croissant available at The Blue Door. This is located at the back of the collection depot and open Wed - Sat from 8:30am. 

      We have incorporated the Government endorsed NZ COVID Tracer app as well as a manual register to assist us with contract tracing. 

      Many thanks to the fine folk at Coffee Supreme - especially Chris, Brendon and Andy for the seamless relocation of the hardware and ongoing support over the last few months. 

      Supreme's business has also been seriously affected by Covid but the respect and assistance provided to its customers in the face of this has been outstanding. They very quickly suspended lease and maintenance invoicing while under lock down and have been in constant touch in providing guidance and support as we have all worked through the many Covid related issues.  On top of that, the JumpStart program credited a weeks worth of beans to help get us back up and running. Outstanding! 

      Cheers team! 

    • How we're rolling!

      How we're rolling!

      We hope everything went smoothly for everyone from ordering on our new website to collection at the Gramercy Depot. Make sure to email any feedback to - happy to hear both the good and the not so good! 

      Our production is constrained at the best of times, even more so given the operational changes we've made in response to the Covid restrictions. We encourage you to order earlier in the week if that works for you, it will smooth demand a little! 

      Also, it's super helpful to quote your order number at collection - it allows us to efficiently retrieve your order, which certainly helps with social distancing and the flow of customers. Selecting a collection time a little later will also assist us greatly!  

      We will look to refine our service over the coming week and hopefully add additional products to our offering over time. Bear in mind, this will be largely based around sourdough breads and croissants. These are our core products and conveniently allow us a little flexibility with timing. This is super important for us to complete pack out and have your goods ready for collection at the allotted times. 

      Remember orders are live the day before collection until 7pm, so ordering for Wednesday will be live on Tuesday morning.

      Stay safe everyone.

      The Team at Gramercy

    • Welcome to The Gram

      Welcome to The Gram

      Welcome to our blog - The Gram.

      A quick shout out to all the other small businesses, and the many people involved, who have been forced to reinvent themselves in a matter of weeks. Particularly, to those that haven't had the option to open right now and face the certainty of further uncertainty. We're all in this together and one thing which is becoming more evident everyday, is the tremendous community support for local businesses. Hang in there everyone! 

      So, you've found our new website and ordering platform. It's all new to us, so a little patience and leniency would be appreciated! It also carries a lot of additional costs - both in set up and ongoing transactional fees. This has translated into some small price increases for our products, we hope you can understand.

      We are committed to the well-being and safety of our staff and customers and as such the original Gramercy will be closed to the public and operate purely as a production and packing facility until further easing of restrictions. In between times we have set up the Gramercy Collection Depot directly across the road from Gramercy at no. 465 Adelaide Road.

      We hope to smooth demand a little and allow all of our customers the ability to safely and conveniently order their favourite goods. The workplace and distancing restrictions will limit our ability to produce the volumes we might have done in the past, particularly on Saturdays. With that in mind, we would encourage those that can to order earlier in the week, to please do so.

      At this stage, we are offering a limited range of our sourdough breads and croissants. We are not in a position to offer our regular coffee service. Rest assured, we are actively considering how we might implement this in the near term.

      We have taken a step back and thought deeply about how we can best serve our community, customers, & staff and while this is not quite a return to normal, hopefully it goes some way to returning a level of normalcy to your week.  

      A big thank you for all the messages of support and encouragement over the last month or so. We hope to see you soon. 

      The Team at Baker Gramercy